I have received many positive comments and feedback through the years. I’ve chosen some to share below, so please have a look to see what people are saying about their therapy with Achieving Balance.

* Please note: all testimonials are genuine, signed or emailed by the client and are open to the scrutiny of my professional membership organisations and the Advertising Standards Agency. Where necessary, small details (such as location) have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

I visited Martin just before my final Amatsu exams. I wanted to be as mentally prepared and relaxed as possible so that all my hard work would convert into good exams results! I found Martin to be extremely professional, warm and easy to understand as he explained the hypnotherapy procedure. His use of client headphones meant during the session, all I could hear was his voice – much better than a previous session I’d had with another practitioner when I was distracted by other noise. I came away from the session unbelievably relaxed and prepared for my exams. I was delighted to get a distinction when my results came through!

An Exam Confidence Client in London - Hypnotherapy for Exam Anxiety

I visited Martin to help me stop smoking after enduring the habit for some 25 years. The therapy took place some three or four months ago. I felt very welcome at Martin’s practice and was made to feel very comfortable. The therapy has had a very good effect on me, I have not smoked since neither do I want to smoke. I feel cleaner, happier and healthier and also wealthier. I have recommended Martin to a few people in the past and will continue to do so. Thanks Martin.

A Smoking Cessation Client - CBT for Breaking Smoking Habits

Several years ago I had a sudden panic attack on an aeroplane and was unable to fly at all. The panic attack was due to claustrophobic fears and being shut into a “tube” and having no control of being able to open a door for fresh air. This transferred onto going in lifts and underground trains. This all had a huge impact on my life and restricted me severely. I was not able to visit the theatre in the West End and other London attractions including the London Eye or go on holidays abroad. Friends would go to exhibitions, theatres etc and I felt I could not face the journey or sit in a dark theatre or cinema without being able to see a clear exit sign.

Two years ago, my son announced he was to be married in Thailand. It absolutely threw my life into turmoil and I was very depressed and angry that he would expect me to make this long journey. Finally, I thought that this was controlling my life and I really needed to do something as I would only ever travel by car which was ridiculous. I made an appointment with Martin and was quite nervous about being hypnotised. Immediately I sat down on a most comfortable chair I felt completely at ease with Martin talking to me with a calm, reassuring and soothing voice.

Martin took me on a journey that would change my life completely with several sessions on travelling in lifts, the underground and finally flying. I remember after the first session I was able to go in lifts again, even getting stuck in the first one and being in control! At each session of visualisation techniques, positive suggestions and looking for the root cause of my problems, Martin made me feel more positive and pleasantly relaxed. I have a CD of Martin’s which I listen to and it makes me feel relaxed just to hear his soothing calm voice. He is an excellent listener and seems to have all the time in the world for you. Martin will guide you into hypnosis and help you discover your inner resources, so you can resolve for good whatever problems or issues you may have. He has enabled me to become the person I really want to be and to achieve my full potential!

The effect of the therapy for me was life changing. At first I tried several different flights with my daughter and we had the most amazing time on a Mediterranean fly/cruise and the next year a stunning visit to Rome. I also travelled with her to see several West End Musicals which I really love to do and now go to exhibitions, the cinema and many other places I would not visit. The ultimate experience was to be able to attend my son’s wedding, (six flights, visiting Dubai, Bangkok and Koh Samui) and to see parts of the world I would never have been able to see if it were not for Martin. He has brought the world to me and I cannot thank him enough for opening up my own world again and giving me the confidence to know “I CAN DO IT”. I would and have, highly recommended Martin and would not hesitate to see him again if I ever needed to.

A Claustrophobic Client in London - Psychotherapy for Claustrophobia

I visited Martin for hypnosis/NLP in October 2010 looking for help with a long standing class room phobia and confidence problems before I took a set of written and practical exams for a course that I was attending at that time. I found Martin very professional and the environment was friendly and comfortable. After just one treatment I had great improvement with my symptoms. Martin also supplied me with an Audio CD to listen to at home which I still use occasionally. I would say that my experience of Martin’s practice was a positive one and that I would recommend him to others that were seeking this type of help.

A Student - Hypnotherapy for Exam Phobia

I took my daughter (12 years) to see Martin as she was very anxious and prone to panic attacks. She had started a new school and it was a very difficult time for her. She was unsure about going to see Martin as she did not believe anyone could help her. She was very impressed at how relaxed she felt and the techniques that Martin was able to show her to get better control of her anxious behaviour. She only needed 2 sessions and I have to say I was very impressed at what a difference Martin made to her. She came out of the 1st session with a whole new attitude and I am pleased to say she has not needed any more sessions. She is well settled at school and not had any panic attacks since we last saw Martin. He is professional and effective and both my daughter and I would recommend him.

A Mother’s View on Daughter’s Therapy - Counselling for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I had a fear of being sick, especially at school when others around me were ill, so two years ago my mum and I visited Martin to see if he could help. His sessions made me feel calmer, safe and more in control of myself when these fears appeared. His relaxation CD was very helpful and I used for months afterwards. I would definitely recommend a visit to “Achieving Balance” to anyone who had fears or phobias.

A Young Student (with kind permission and help from his mum) - Counselling & CBT for Phobic Behaviour

Having been a heavy smoker for nearly 30 years, I never thought I would be able to quit the habit. I was a little sceptical that hypnotherapy would work for me, however, Martin was excellent, he spent a good deal of time going through the process and what to expect. I am delighted with the results and have now been a non-smoker for over a year and a half.

An Ex-Smoker from Central London - Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

The first time I looked at your website I cried. It made me realise I needed help. Not only was I struggling with weight loss, I was finding life in general quite hard to cope with and felt I was constantly anxious and stressed. I felt like I was not in the right frame of mind to lose weight and in a rut. It took me a long time to build up the courage to come and see you and after my first appointment I felt like a weight had been lifted and so relieved to know that you could help me. It didn’t take too long to get me back on track. All what you said had a massive effect and enabled me to re-focus and sort my life out. My time with you has undoubtedly had a big impact. I am much happier, calmer, confident and over 2 stone lighter! I now have a strengthened relationship with my husband, son, work and food! All of this has given me the push to move house and start my own business which I am thrilled about. I have recommended you to several people for different reasons. I know that whatever the problem, coming to see you will help. My only regret is that I didn’t come a year earlier. I cannot thank you enough for all you done, I hope that I do not need to re-visit, but if i do, I certainly won’t hesitate in booking an appointment.

A Young Mother in London - Counselling for Weight Loss

I visited Martin about three years ago following a particularly harrowing visit to the dentist when, despite taking Valium, I left post injection and prior to the treatment beginning! I had had a fear of the dentist since of childhood, and found myself putting off visits for regular check-ups and only going along when I really needed to. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and after only one visit, and some practice at home, I was able to return to the dentist and complete my treatment. I still don’t look forward to visiting the dentist, but each time I think back to what I learnt about relaxation and coping with anxiety – and haven’t taken Valium since.

A Woman in East London - Hypnotherapy for Dental phobia

I first visited Martin a couple of years ago about a work issue that was causing me anxiety. Having always battled with anxiety and bouts of depression, I’d seen a few therapists in the past but not felt that any of them had made a huge difference. After my very first session with Martin, I already felt able to deal with the work issue and had high hopes for my anxiety. I saw Martin regularly to begin with and by using CBT, he has taught me how to look at things in a completely different way and I feel confident that my depression and anxiety is under control. Martin is very easy to talk to and down to earth, I instantly felt at ease with him and have enjoyed every one of my sessions with him.

A London Professional - CBT for Depression & Anxiety

I visited Martin as he had been recommended by a colleague. I was desperate to stop smoking from a health perspective as well as being tired of being a social outcast. The therapy was different to how I’d imagined. Much more relaxed and I didn’t feel like I was in a therapy session. Much more like talking with a friend. My life has been turned around by the therapy. I am a much more positive person and the health benefits are outstanding. I am now training for a marathon, having completed numerous other races. I write this exactly one year after my therapy and all I have to say is “Thank you”. My life is 100 times better than a year ago.

An Ex-Smoker in London - Counselling for Smoking Cessation

I am used to solving my own problems. Until one day life just about tore me to shreds and left me totally vulnerable, unable to see any value in the future. I turned to Martin for help, and from the first phone call I liked his approach, the calmness in his manner made me feel comfortable from the start. During our sessions Martin created a safe environment in which I was able to step out of the trauma and slowly rebuild my own sense of “self”. Martin introduced practical therapy techniques in a very natural manner – it was like opening a window you didn’t realize was there and letting in fresh air – and suddenly I was able to visualise new solutions for myself.

I think this was one of the aspects I most appreciated, always being part of the solution, there was never any feeling of being judged at all. When I chose Martin as my therapist it was on the basis of his outstanding academic background and experience: but I found out that the therapist’s personality is just as important a factor, and in my case the calmness and the kindness of his approach meant that I could venture into “dangerous emotional waters” without anxiety or fear. My whole family has felt the benefit of Martin’s work with me, and I am deeply grateful to him for helping me find my way forward.

A Senior Executive in London - Counselling for Challenging Relationship Issues

Martin was fantastic and I feel as though he is someone I would always go and see for any future issues if necessary. I already have recommended friends to him who also speak very highly of him. His unique stance built me up as a person and set me up for the long-term not just the short.

A Gentleman from East London - Counselling for Personal Issues

I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who wants to stop smoking FOREVER!

An Ex-smoker from West London - Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me over the past year – I’ve learnt so much about myself and about how to deal with things in a positive way.

A Gentleman from South London - Skype™ Therapy for Positive Thinking
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