FAQs for Therapy in London

Are you interested in therapy in London, but are unsure if Achieving Balance can solve your issues? Read through some frequently asked questions below and see how a qualified therapist can help, what therapy services I offer and more.

  • How can I tell if I need therapy?

    You may be feeling anxious, angry or low. Or you may be having relationship issues or difficulties in specific areas of your life. The most common reason I see people for therapy is because something in their lives is not how they want it to be, they have strong negative feelings about this and they want to affect change or enable themselves to cope better. You may have read about particular symptoms for issues that resonate with how you’re feeling, or possibly family and friends have suggested you seek help because they can see you are unhappy. Taking the first step and contacting a counsellor or therapist in London can feel quite nerve-wracking but a brief chat with a therapist like me should help you to decide whether a talking therapy is right for you.

  • Are you qualified to be a therapist

    I have several qualifications, up to masters degree level, and been working as a therapist since 2003. To see my full list of education and qualifications, read more about me. I am also registered and accredited to practise by several highly regarded professional organisations. These include the following:

    British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (registered and accredited member)
    British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (accredited member)
    National Council for Hypnotherapy (registered hypnotherapist)
    Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (registered hypnotherapist)

  • What are your fees for therapy?

    My fees for therapy are competitively priced for people in London looking for counselling or other therapeutic services. You can find my prices for therapy here.

  • Do you accept Health Insurance for payment?

    Yes – I do accept payment from healthcare providers. Details & prices for healthcare clients can be found on Therapy Fees. Depending on the provider, I can either bill them directly or you can pay me and reclaim my fee from your provider.

  • With which healthcare providers are you registered?

    I am a registered provider of therapy with Bupa, WPA, Vitality Health (formerly Pru Health), Axa PPP, Aviva, and Cigna. See Details on pricing here.

  • What if I need to cancel a session?

    You must give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a session. Any missed session where you have given less than 24 hours notice of cancellation or you make no contact at all, will result in you being charged the full fee for the missed session.

  • What if I don’t want to visit a clinic for therapy?

    I offer Skype Therapy sessions for many of my clients, so this may be a good option for you. In some instances, home visits may be possible.

  • Do you make house calls?

    Most face-to-face sessions take place in my London consulting room but home visits may be possible in certain circumstances.

  • Do you offer longer term therapy?

    Most therapy at Achieving Balance is relatively short term in nature, often between one and twelve sessions, but with clients are looking to make substantial changes to their lives, therapy may be longer in duration.

  • Can people attend sessions with me?

    I am flexible in who can attend. I work with you to ascertain the best approach to your treatment, which includes who should attend the sessions. Read about my flexible approach to therapy for more information.

  • What is CBT?

    CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is a general term applied to several related therapy styles that have many similarities. You can find out more about cognitive behavioural therapy or my cognitive behavioural therapy treatment. At Achieving Balance, my therapy practice in London, I specialise in CBT.

  • What is Psychotherapy?

    Psychotherapy is a way of working through psychological or emotional difficulties. People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons, including grief, substance abuse, relationship challenges, and a wide variety of mental health issues. You can find out more about psychotherapy or my psychotherapy treatment.

  • What is Family Counselling?

    Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts between the members of a family. It might include all members of your immediate family, only those who are willing to participate, or even extended family members with whom you have an ongoing difficult relationship. You can find out more about family therapy in London, including Family Counselling or my Relationship Counselling service here.

  • What equipment do I need for Skype Therapy?

    Skype is available on Windows™, OS X®, iOS® and Android™ platforms as well as many others, and so is widely accessible on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. It is important that the device you use has a forward facing camera and a microphone and speaker. You will also need a good, reliable internet connection. I recommend you download and test Skype by video calling a friend, before booking Skype™ Therapy sessions. If for any reason you are unable to use Skype™, there are alternatives such as Apple®’s Facetime® (for Apple® devices only – visit the App Store® from your device) and Google Hangouts™. View more about skype therapy.

  • Is my information kept private?

    Achieving Balance Therapy have utmost respect for your privacy – your information is not shared. Your personal information is strictly for us to record data about the services we provide for you, and to get in touch with you regarding your appointments. You can read our full Privacy Policy to determine how we use your information.

If you are interested in therapy in London, I offer a free, 20-minute consultation. Please feel free to contact me on 020 7096 8854 or email me at martin@achievingbalance.co.uk. I am available from 8:30am to 6:30pm Monday through Thursday, and Friday mornings.

About Martin

Martin Cox Msc., Qualified Therapist And Counsellor In LondonI am a fully trained and accredited counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) Therapist. I am down-to-earth, easy to talk to and always balance a thoroughly professional approach with a good deal of common sense and humanity. Read more about me or my approach to therapy.

Issues Treated

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Health Anxiety / Hypochondriasis
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Panic Disorder
Phobias, i.e. Agoraphobia
Bereavement and loss
Depression/low mood
Anger management
Personal development and coaching
Social Anxiety (or Social Phobia)
Relationship issues
Self esteem
Habits & Addictions
Smoking Cessation
Coping with Stress
Weight management

Therapies Offered

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Couple/marital therapy
  • Counselling (Integrative)
  • Family therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Progamming (NLP)
  • Psychotherapy (Integrative)
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)