couple hugging after resolving conflictFamily therapy is a form of relationship counselling that focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts in a family. Counselling can include all members of your immediate family, or only those willing to participate.

Often performed on a short-term basis, we use relationship counselling to teach family members new ways of coping with challenging situations. The lessons you learn can be broadly applicable to future issues.

Therapy for Coping with Family Challenges

In addition, short-term or long-term family therapy is highly valuable in helping a family learn to cope with one member’s serious challenges. For example, if a member of the family has chronic depression or a problem with substance abuse, the entire family dynamic could be affected. Family therapy helps other members of the family cope with these changes, as well as addressing individual feelings of guilt, anxiety, or despair.

Relationship Counselling to Suit Your Family

Like individual psychotherapy, family therapy can be highly customised. One family might need to learn better communication skills, while another might have trouble openly expressing emotions. Many families have complex challenges that stem from personality conflicts and different worldviews, and family therapy helps each member feel validated and understood.

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