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Stress in the Workplace
23rd December, 2016

If you’re feeling stressed about work, you are not alone. The workplace seems to be becoming a more stressful environment. In…

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Dealing with Commuting Stress?
15th October, 2016

It’s not just the work environment itself which results in stress, the daily commute is often cited as one of the…

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What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?
4th August, 2016

CBT is a general term applied to several related therapy styles that have many similarities. Examples include dialectic behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy, and rational emotive behaviour therapy…

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Techniques to Cope With Anxiety
11th July, 2016

Anxiety can be extremely tough to deal with, because it creates a self-replicating cycle of feelings, thoughts and behaviours. The more anxious you are, the more anxious you are likely to become…

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Family Therapy and How it can Help
4th June, 2016

Family therapy is a form of relationship counselling that focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts in a family, and can include all members of your immediate family…

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What Is Psychotherapy?
12th May, 2016

Psychotherapy is a way of working through psychological or emotional difficulties. People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons, including grief, substance…

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What is the Fight or Flight Response?
4th April, 2016

Evolutionary psychology explains the fight or flight response as a natural reaction to a threat or danger which has been hard-wired…

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Managing Depression by Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Patterns
18th March, 2016

When we are low or depressed, our thoughts and perceptions are often biased, inaccurate or out of proportion to what we…

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Managing Depression by Changing Behaviour
10th February, 2016

Depression is sneaky. It makes you do things which exacerbate your depressed mood, despite feeling like the right thing to do. This article looks at what these behaviours are and how to overcome them.

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Managing Depression by Challenging the Content of Thoughts
10th February, 2016

When we are low or depressed, our thoughts are frequently very negative in content. The thoughts seem very “real” or true…

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